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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aesop's Tales

The Aesop for Children

The Cock & the Fox

One fine morning a Fox was caught in a trap.  because he had got too near the Farmer's  house. he was hungry, but it was not an excuse for stealing. A Cock, rising early, discovered what had happened. He knew the Fox could not get at him, so he went little closer to get a good look at his enemy.The Fox saw a small chance of escape."Dear friend," he said, "I was just on my way to visit a sick relative, when I stumbled into this string and got all tangled up. But please do not tell anybody about it. I dislike causing sorrow to anybody, and I am sure I can soon gnaw this string to pieces."But the Cock was not to be so easily fooled. He soon roused the whole hen yard, and when the Farmer came running out, that was the end of cunning Fox. 

 The wicked deserve no aid. 

The Wolves & the Sheep

A pack of Wolves lurked near a Sheep pasture. But the Dogs kept them all at enough distance, and the Sheep grazed in perfect safety. But now the Wolves made a plan to trick the Sheep."Why is there always this hostility between us?" they said. "If it were not for those Dogs who are always stirring up trouble, I am sure we should get along beautifully. Send them away and you will see what good friends we shall become."The Sheep were easily fooled. They persuaded the Dogs to go away, and that very evening the Wolves had the grandest feast of their lives.

  Do not give up friends for foes.  

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