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Friday, September 10, 2021

Definition and Examples of Lampoon – Literary device

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Definition and Examples of Lampoon – Literary device

Lampoon from Oxford Dictionary: 

It is an insulting written attack upon a real person, in verse or  prose, usually involving caricature and ridicule. Among English writers  who have indulged in this maliciously personal form of SATIRE are  Dryden, Pope, and Byron. The laws of libel have restricted its further development as a literary form. See also flyting, invective. 

Lampoon from Penguin Dictionary:

lampoon The term derives from the French lampon, said to be from  lampons 'Let us drink', used as a refrain. lt dates only from the 17th  c. The verb lamper means to 'swig' or 'to booze'. This suggests  cxcess, coarseness, a rough crudity; a lampoon in fact is avirulent or scurrilous form of satire (q.v.). lt is more likely to be found in  graphic caricature than in writing but there are a few notable  examples in literature, like Pope's attack on Hervey in his Epistle to  Arbuthnot, and this description by Dryden of the unfortunate  Shadwell (here named Og) in Absalom and Achitophel (Pt II)  beginning thus at line 457: 

Now stop your noses, Readers, all and some, 

For here's a tun of Midnight work to come, 

Og from a Trea:son Tavern rowling home. 

Round as a Globe and Liquored ev'ry chink, 

Goodly and Great he Sayls behind his Link. 

With all this Bulk there's nothing lost in Og, 

· For ev'ry inch that is not Fool is Rogue: 

A Monstrous mass of foul corrupted matter, 

As all the Devils had spew'd to make the batter. 

When wine has given him courage to Blaspheme, 

He curses God, but God before curst him; 

And if man cou'd havc reason, none has more, 

That made his Paunch so rich and him so poor. 

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Tags: Lampoon Definition, Lampoon Examples, what is Lampoon, 

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