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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Aside - Literary terms


literary term Aside, Literary terms, aside and SOLILOQUY

Aside - Literary terms


In DRAMA, a CONVENTION by which actors speak briefly to the audience, supposedly without being heard by the other actors on stage. Asides provide information to the audience about a CHARACTER's thoughts, inner feelings, and private interpretations of ongoing action. These “spoken thoughts" are sometimes used for melodramatic or comic effect. Here is an example of an aside from The Busie Body by Susanna Centlivre, a popular RESTORATION dramatist:

Miranda: You know my father's will runs that I am not to possess my estate, without your consent, till I'm five-and-twenty; you shall only abate the odd seven years, and make me mistress of my estate today, and I'll make you master of my person tomorrow.

Sir Francis (aside): Humph? That may not be safe....

(To Miranda) No, "Chargy," I'll settle it upon thee for pin-money, and that will be every bit as well, thou know'st.

Miranda (aside): Unconscionable old wretch, bribe me with my own money-which way shall I get out of his hands?

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