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Friday, September 3, 2021

Biographical fallacy - Literary Terms


Biographical fallacy, Literary Terms

Biographical fallacy - Literary Terms

The error of relying on an understanding of an author's life as the chief means of analyzing and interpreting his or her work. The heavy use of biographical information as an approach to CRITICISM is considered a fallacy by advocates of NEW CRITICISM, who maintain that the meaning and significance of a literary work reside within the work itself, without reference to the author's intention or life.

So, The biographical fallacy is a term used in cultural criticism to critique the view that works of creative art, literature or music can be interpreted as reflections of the life of their authors. Along with the intentional fallacy, the term was introduced by exponents of the New Criticism who wished to emphasize that artworks should be interpreted and assessed as constructed artifacts rather than expressions of the emotions of specific individuals. The term is thus used to criticize the school of literary interpretation called biographical criticism. (from Wikipedia)

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