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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Baroque - Literary terms

Baroque, Literary terms, Literary term Baroque,


Baroque - Literary terms


Possessing a grand and exuberantly ornamented style.

First applied to seventeenth-century art (the paintings of Caravaggio, Van Dyck, Rembrandt), architecture (St. Peter's in Rome; St. Paul's in London), and music (the Passions of J. S. Bach; operas by Claudio Monteverdi), the term baroque has gradually been adopted by literary critics. The CONCEITS of John Donne and the other METAPHYSICAL POETS have been called baroque, as have the extravagant and even bizarre IMAGES of Richard Vaughan, as well as the rich yet grandly coherent STYLE of John Milton's Paradise Lost. Some literary historians have joined art and music historians in giving the name baroque era to the years between the RENAISSANCE and the Enlightenment, 1580 to 1680

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