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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nimrod and The Prophet Ibrahim(peace be upon him)

Maybe you have heard the name of Babylon! Nimrod was the king of this land .He was as proud as oppressive. There was a lot of jewels, wealth-and riches in his treasury , and countless men were stranding for his majesties service.

Once he came forth for an expedition.Countries after countries had brought after his hand. Rivers of blood flowed all around. Cryings of oppressed was Heard al around. Still, there is no rest, no respite- Just win, and win destruction and ruin. They began to fly the flag of victory in Greece, Turkey, Arabia, Persia and India. He is now the absolute ruler of half of the world.  His haughtiness was so increased that it seemed to him the world is as a sandbox.

One day Nimrod was gossiping with his courtiers.In the meantime a fakir came and shouted, ‘O king , please give me something in the name of almighty God’.

Nimrod was thundered to hear it and said, Almighty God? What are you talking about? I am the Almighty.

The disappointed cabinet could not go to the emperor’s word. So they remained silent. The Dervish said , O King, You're wrong. He is so great that You are awfully trivial to compare with him. Nimrod cried out with a resent voice.How dare you?----“Headsman!”

The Headsman came and began to wait for the order to execution. Nimrod commanded with frantic voice: I want the Head of this beggar. The Headsman make the Dervish chained and took him for execution. The ministers knew their king But began to feel sorry. They were not at all surprised. Nimrod said to the officials: Make an announcement in my kingdom, I am the Almighty, I am God. who will worship other gods along with me, he will be destroyed

They then announced this all around the kingdom with beating drum.The people were scared with panic. The Girls fore their fingers in their ears. Such audacity of a man!

They continued to worship almighty secretly. there is not anything other than pretending to obey Nimrod Publicly.

Nimrod was blind with arrogance. He made his own effigy in his palace and commanded the town people to worship him. If anyone disobeys him he will be decapitated. People were worshiping according to his will.

Nimrod’s  servent Azor had a sun of twelve years. One day he did such a act that scared others.

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